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Although water heaters on the outside look the same, each water heater is different and had differ safety procedures and functionality. Annual Plumbing maintenance and inspections include a detailed list of recommendations to avoid potential disaster which could cause damage to your home. It is also important to have an annual preventative maintenance performed on your sewer line to help reduce root build up. With excessive root build up you could have major damage to sewer lines. To prevent any of these problems from happening, call the expert plumbers at Sammy Brown Plumbing to schedule your annual maintenance.

To learn more about our Standard Water Heater and Tankless Water Heater Maintenance plan, call our office at (256)746-1028.

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For many years, Sammy Brown Plumbing has been providing the Huntsville metropolitan area with the highest quality water heaters, drain cleaning, and plumbing services. We offer maintenance on tankless and standard water heaters to our customers because of our confidence in the durability, reliability and efficiency of these hot water heaters. If you choose Sammy Brown Plumbing for your plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, or water heater services, we guarantee prompt, efficient, and high-quality customer service from our specially trained service technicians. Please give us a call today (256)746-1028

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