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Clogged Toilets

Sammy Brown Plumbing specializes in clogged toilets. As part of our Drain cleaning services, we can help unclog toilets. Dirty diapers, Q-tips, and Kleenexes are not designed to be flushed down toilets, and when flushed it can cause the toilet to clog. A plunger most of the time should help in unclogging a toilet, but if that doesn’t clear the blockage, then you should call a Sammy Brown plumber. Whether it’s a clogged toilet, or if your toilet is constantly running, overflowing or leaking, the plumbers at Sammy Brown Plumbing can help! Sammy Brown Plumbing has the latest plumbing equipment and can take advantage of the most up to date plumbing technology to repair your toilet. Sammy Brown Plumbing guarantees prompt, professional service and we are confident that every Sammy Brown plumber has the expertise to quickly repair any toilet.

Toilet Installation and Replacement

Even though toilets can last for a long time, you may decide to update or remodel your bathroom with a new toilet. The plumbers at Sammy Brown Plumbing can install any kind of toilet, and connect it to your home’s existing plumbing system. With our expert toilet installers, you will be able to choose any toilet make or model in your home. And if your home’s current toilet was installed before 1994, then a new toilet will also decrease the water usage of your household. With a new toilet, you’ll be saving approximately 2 gallons of water with every flush! Call Sammy Brown Plumbing today to set up an appointment and meet with our plumbers.

Sammy Brown Plumbing Contractors

For many years, Sammy Brown Plumbing has been providing the Huntsville metropolitan area with the highest quality water heaters, drain cleaning, and plumbing services. We offer plumbing services like unclogging toilets & toilet replacements. If you choose Sammy Brown Plumbing for your plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, or water heater services, we guarantee prompt, efficient, and high-quality customer service from our specially trained service technicians. Please give us a call today (256)746-1028.

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